Top 5 Best Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne

divorce lawyers in Melbourne Divorce is one of the most major events of anyone’s life as it is interconnected and interrelated with your life. It doesn’t affect only your life but also affects your spouse and your children’s life too. Getting a divorce is not easy. There are paper works to do, and it takes time to be finalized.

To some people, getting a divorce is a tough process. Other than having emotional stress, people who are getting divorced have to think about financial settlements and parenting arrangements. For this legal and financial paperwork, you might search for a lawyer who can work on these with their experience and professionalism.

Here, we will take you through the top 5 best lawyers in Melbourne who can help you with these legal processes, save your time and money as well. You simply brush your eyes and get all the details about them.

These lawyers are not only professional but also value their time and money. They are very cost-effective and give you enough time to understand your situation and mentality.


Below you will get all the information about the top 5 best divorce lawyers in Melbourne.

  1. PCL Lawyers
  2. Taussig Cherrie Fildes
  3. Blackwood Family Lawyers
  4. Glezer Lanteri Associates
  5. Justice Family Lawyers


1. PCL Lawyers

PCL Lawyers is a well-known law firm in Melbourne that is committed to providing the best quality services to their clients.

One of their goals is to build a trust relationship with their clients so their clients can comfortably share problems. PCL understands that getting a divorce is very stressful and handles their cases with respect and empathy so that the clients can feel comfortable with them. Also, they provide all legal advice regarding family law.


Address: Level 15, 440 Collins Street,

Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone:1300 907 335 



2. Taussig Cherrie Fildes

Taussig Cherrie Fildes is one of the most renowned law firms in Melbourne. In their highly experienced team, they have two senior associates, Teo special counsel, and four associates who are working with their passion and dedication. Taussig Cherrie have eight Law accredited Specialists. This law firm was founded by Debra Cherrie and Paul Fildes, who are the prominent and long-lasting members of this firm.

Their working areas are divorce, Parenting arrangements, Financial, and Property settlements.


Address: Level 3, 530 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne Victoria 3000


Phone: (03) 9605 1700



3. Blackwood Family Lawyers

Blackwood family lawyers are very much cliented centered. They always take a very good amount of time to understand their situation and mentality. They always observe and pay attention to every detail about their case. Blackwood family lawyers are very proud of their work, dedication, punctuality, and guts of taking responsibilities. They believe that getting a divorce is very easy if the client is right on her/his track and consult the best lawyers like them. Their services are separation, child support and custody, divorce, property support, parenting arrangements.


Address: 3/224 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 8672 5222



4. Glezer Lanteri Associates

Glezer Lanteri Associates are a promising team who provides genuine and professional knowledge and judgments to their clients. They provide enough time to understand their clients and create a very comfortable environment for their clients. Glezer Lanteri Associates are very supportive and dedicated to their work, which makes them one of the top-rated law firms in Melbourne.

Their services are child support and custody, child abduction, divorce, financial and property settlement, and Family violence.



Address: Level 2/139 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9658 7700



5. Justice Family Lawyers

Justice Family Lawyers provides expert knowledge and advice about all kinds of family law and divorce. They become popular because of their dedication and approaches. They build a very strong relationship with their clients so that they can understand their situation and work on it accordingly. Their services are divorce, family law, child support, domestic violence.



Address: Level 23, Tower 5, 727 Collins Street Melbourne 3008

Phone: +613 8609 0329



The divorce process

Most of the time, to save some money people don’t want to hire any lawyer for getting a divorce, which leads them to different confusion regarding the processing, paperwork, and applications. To terminate your marriage, you have to apply to the court or registrar. You have to collect the form by paying the fee. If you are a sole applicant, you have to send all the papers and forms to your partner.


Why should you apply for a divorce?

Applying for a divorce is a personal choice. But, when you or your partner become unfaithful to each other and can’t take the ground at that time, both of you should take a break. When there is no option for turning back, that time you should consult with your divorce lawyer.

Also, domestic abuse is another cause of getting a divorce.


What are the documents I need to show during applying for divorce?

To apply for the divorce, you need to show your citizenship card or passport, marriage certificate, and a copy of the divorce application to the court.


What are the requirements you need for getting a divorce?

To get a divorce in Melbourne, you certainly need to follow and become eligible for that. Here are the points:

  1. Either you or your partner has Australian citizenship.
  2. Both of you are living separately for at least 12 months.
  3. You must have a marriage certificate.
  4. There is no chance to get back together.
  5. You and your partner have been married for over two years.
  6. If you are not an Australian citizen, you need to show to the court that you are living in Australia for over 12 months.
  7. You don’t have any intention to remarry right before the finalization of your divorce.
  8. You are on good terms with all financial and parenting arrangements.


How long does it take to get a divorce in Melbourne?

Applying for divorce is quick and easy and it will take about two to three months to get the final divorce order from the day you have applied for it.


How can you deal with the financial settlements while filing a divorce?

Usually, divorce doesn’t deal with financial settlements. It is a correlated event that will happen next right after the divorce. Many people want to settle and divide their property and assets along with the divorce process. Sometimes they do not agree with the settlements, which leads them to the court.


What should you do if you and your partner can not live separately?

There are certain times and situations where you can not live separately. At this point, you can live in the same room, but you must have separate lives. Court will understand and consider the situation if you are following these:

  1. Sleeping together
  2. You and your partner are engaged in sex and sexual activities
  3. You and your partner are sharing domestic work and meals.
  4. Your family member thinks that you are living separately.
  5. You and your partner are sharing money and bank accounts.


Is there any issue with short marriage?

There are several cases where we found that people are applying for divorce within their two years of marriage life. If you are getting a divorce in this situation, you need to counsel your family lawyer. Sometimes you don’t need to go for counseling if the divorce case is about domestic abuse or you can not locate your partner.


How much does it cost to get a divorce in Melbourne?

First of all, you need to pay around $930 for the application. Around $310 amount can be reducible if you can provide proper papers like a health card or government card.

In Melbourne, it usually costs $600-$250 for hiring a divorce lawyer per case. For each hour session, it costs around $150-60.


Can your partner refuse the divorce?

Sometimes, your partner doesn’t want to accept the divorce application. They are not willing to get a divorce. This situation is based on emotion. But legally, you can get a divorce only if you fulfill all the requirements which have been mentioned previously. If you can prove that you and your partner have lived separately for 12 months and there is no chance to get back together, that time you can mov on with the process without any fear.

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Do you have to attend the court during the divorce hearing?

There are certain situations where you have to attend court during the divorce hearing.

  1. If you have any children who are under 18.
  2. If the respondent has opposed the application.

And, these are the situation where you or your partner isn’t bound to appear in the courtroom:

  1. If you don’t have any children who are under 18.
  2. If the respondent didn’t give any response to the application.
  3. If the respondent doesn’t oppose the application


Divorce is not only a legal action but also a life-changing event. It also has a great impact on your children’s life too. Before applying for divorce, you and your partner should consult the lawyers. They can help you and provide you genuine and general information. They can also be presented on behalf of you in the court if necessary.

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